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Russell 17th Apr 2019 Lifestyle Officer
hello its world elder abuse awareness day in June, does anyone have any ideas to raise awareness or thoughts on possible activities that could be positive and shared with the residents. Our CEO has asked us if we are doing anything but im not sure how to make part of our activity calendar or how other facilities do this. Last year it was a small presentation in the foyer office area.
Susan 18th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Hi Russell
There are two great articles about abuse on golden Carers
In addition you should do this in conjunction with the staff development person as well as the social worker or their equivalents
In the US the governing body for nursing homes and Medicare and Medicaid requires that long term care provide an education on the subject every year
One year we handed out pins that said speak out
And we talked to the residents about abuse
You have to be careful because some residents are not happy being in a facility and like to complain
I liked talking to the residents at a resident Council meeting and invite some staff to listen to what they have to say
Also we have had a big meeting with the residents and staff to educate both and to exchange some ideas
Molly 21st Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
I agree with Susan, Russell! For resident's, I always provide resident rights trivia because in the US there are federal guidelines. Reviewing them with the residents always seems to empower them. But, the staff development idea that Susan provided is right on! It is just as important that Staff is trained and even better if it is done through an activity.
Jenny 23rd Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Russell, we have a purple themed day as that is the colour promoted. We talk about respect, value and that we look out for each other. Speaking out, maybe when others can’t. Afternoon tea, poetry, songs - posters. Hope this may help - as always internet has some good ideas.
Susan 24th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Ginny for your suggestions
Susan 25th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I am sorry Jenny my AutoCorrect changed your name but your ideas are good

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