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Susan 25th Apr 2019 Director of Activities
I was wondering what everyone is doing for National Nursing Home Week?
Susan 25th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I always found that doing activities related to the theme is good

Hopefully you can get the help of other staff members

We offered the staff treats as well as the residents

I am also have activities that the residents and staff can do together an ice cream social works great

Do not forget to include the family and have a special dinner for family members residents and staff

We also played intercom bingo where the staff is assigned to a resident to help them

We gave out many prizes to both the staff and the residents

Also don't forget to have some great entertainers that week that everyone enjoys

You may want to invite members of the community to come to your facility which could be a marketing tool as well

Good luck let us know how your national nursing home week turns out
Molly 29th Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Susan,

We highlight each department throughout the week and try to get the whole community involved - one year we even had the executive team in the dining room serving meals while the dining staff ate their lunch with the residents. Or on the day we celebrated the CNA's they had a fun gift or card from the resident when they went into each of their rooms at the beginning of their shifts.

Don't forget all the shifts! Our Director and DON stayed on until 11 pm to ensure that even the third shift was able to participate as they served them coffee and donuts.
Susan 29th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for this Molly

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