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Susan 25th Apr 2019 Director of Activities
I would like to hear everyone's ideas and thoughts in planning "Person Centered" activities and doing less actual groups.
Susan 25th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Here are some articles on person centered activities on Golden Carers

As with these activities they can be a group activity but with that one to one attention another words make the activity something that each person engaging in it will find it meaningful

You can do this with all sorts of activities such as trivia or math activities

You could also have a group of resident sitting around a table and have each person doing his own thing
One person could be coloring another one could be doing a word search the leader can help each person and then help each person share some thing about the activity with the group

Let me know if you need help planning a group activity with one to one interaction

It would be nice if you could give each person individual activities but you probably don't have enough staff and volunteers to do that

Remember group activities are good for socialization which is very important in avoiding mental decline

Molly 29th Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Susan, I love this question!!! 1:1 or person-centered activities are so rewarding and more personal than group activities. I think the best place to start is with each of the residents. The first person-centered activity could be a conversation or an interview session where you ask each resident what they would prefer to do with their time. For residents who can't communicate maybe start with listening to music or sharing a snack to build a foundation for quality time that they can trust. Once you know what everyone prefers you can build out the programs.
Susan 29th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for this Molly

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