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Sara 25th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I am a Diversional Therapist in Australia who plays the guitar and sings! Does anyone have some good songbooks with lyrics and chords they can point me at?
I'm looking for:
Australian Folk
British Folk
Irish Folk
WW2 Era
Popular Music (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Neil...)
Anything I'm missing?

Susan 25th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Wow what a great gift you have I know a musician who I can ask so stay tuned
Susan 26th Apr 2019 Activity Director
She has 2 books: Songs of the 20's/ The Decade Series
published by Hal Leonard and The Best of Irish Music/ Complete
Sheet Music Editions published by Creative Concepts Publishing Corp.
The rest of her music She gets from live people or find online
She lives in the US so doesn't know much about the other things
I hope this helps
Molly 13th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
We would use Hal Lenord Songbooks, too! The Sing-Along compilation was always a resident favorite!
Olwyn 18th May 2019 Diversional Therapist
I use Mike jackson's " Uke and play" series. I play the ukelele in a passable fashion. The songs and words are a great resource, especially his campfire book. His books also come with a cd. They are available in most music stores but here is the best link. (see below)
Susan 19th May 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for that information Olwyn
That's great that you're able to play the ukulele for your residents
Sara 17th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thanks everybody, these are great places for me to start!

Julianne 22nd Aug 2019 diversional therapist
Have a look at u tube they have some great song books with lyrics to buy.
Susan 23rd Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Julianne

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