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Angie 26th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator
Can I ask what you are all doing for dementia week
20 - 26 May 2019 ?
Im stuck for ideas
Many thanks
Susan 26th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I am unfamiliar with dementia week
In the US we celebrate national nursing home week which is the week of Mother's Day
We usually have special activities for The residents
I have great entertainment this week and a dinner for the residents and their families with great entertainment
We have a resident choral group which usually performs sometime during the week
I like having a resident choral group
Because it gives the residents an opportunity to sing and when they perform they feel good about themselves
I hope this helps
Molly 29th Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
I love the idea of Dementia week and think that it would be a great opportunity to educate staff and residents! We celebrate Resident's Rights Week in the US and I would imagine it could be something similar where you have educational trivia games or even a dementia rally at the end of the week to celebrate all different kinds of dementia.

Here are two articles that could easily be turned into trivia questions:
Angie 29th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator
Thank you Molly & Susan. You both have been most helpful. Particularly the articles. I will use those.
I think I may make some 'Forget-me-not bombs' too.
Here is a recipe:

2 parts potting soil
5 parts pottery clay mix from your local art store
1-2 parts water
1-2 parts  forget me not seeds
Blue dye
Large tub to mix ingredients
Box to dry and store seed balls
 mixed all the soil and clay and water together until there were no lumps, we got roughly the consistency of plasticine, and then add the seeds and kept mixing. If its a bit dry and crumbly you can add more water. Separate the mixture and roll in to small balls and then let them dry in a cardboard box for 24 hours.
In Dementia week & when
'the bombs' are dry,
 I will sell them (money will go in our residents fund) & they can be thrown anywhere you think needs wild flowers, Hedgerows down country lanes, any unmaintained areas in your town that could do with brightening up, roundabouts or quite literally anywhere! The clay will crumble & the seeds will sprout.
Lets not forget our loved ones!
 Forget-me-nots will be  springing up all over the place!
Lyn 29th Apr 2019 Student/Activities coordinater
We had a rememberance day for all the past resident in the last 12 months, we had a candle for each of them, from the last 12 months and a family member could come and light the candle or switch the candle on. A minister came to say a few words, then we had an afternoon tea.
Susan 29th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Good ideas Molly
Susan 30th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Lyn and Angie for your ideas

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