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Lori 20th May 2019 Activity
I need a Memorial Day bingo please help
Susan 21st May 2019 Activity Director
One idea is to play music bingo using patriotic songs and other songs suggested on this link
Instead of making new cards you use your regular bingo cards and give each song a number or two or three then people can mark the number picked and you can sing the songs or the leader can sing this song with them
Everyone can sing the songs that they played bingo or not
Lori 21st May 2019 Activity
I want actual bingo any available?
Susan 22nd May 2019 Activity Director
Hi Lori
There are no picture bingo cards for memorial day
You can use regular bingo cards and relate each number to some thing about memorial day
Armed forces
You can use words on this word search to make cards

Here are some other ideas for memorial day

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