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Lisa 21st Jun 2019 Recreation/Activation
Has anyone worked with adults with Early Onset Dementia? What programs have you found successful? I’m having difficulty finding physical things as my clients all have movement challenges. I’m also looking for high cognitive social programs that I can tweak a bit for them. Any help would be appreciated!
Susan 21st Jun 2019 Activity Director
Hi my experience with those who have early onset Alzheimer’s is that they had pretty good physical function but mentally they were not that good so I guess every group is different
Here is a link to cognitive programs that might work for you

You may be able to adapt and modify this exercise program to meet the needs of your residents
Susan 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Director
Molly 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Lisa, have you tried balloon volley? I always have success with this especially for individuals with movement challenges here is a link I found on Golden Carers

Also, you may find some tweaked activities here
Melanie 26th Jun 2019 Program Manager
We do a lot of active but seated games like beanbag baseball, chair bowling, indoor lawn darts, and boccee ball. We decide to either keep score and get competative or just play for fun depending on the cognitive level of the group. My staff also does a seated yoga program once a week.
Susan 26th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Sounds like great fun Melanie thank you for your input
Lisa 26th Jun 2019 Recreation/Activation
Thank you everyone for the great idea’s. I like Bocce ball and recently saw an ad for something called Gocce ball....has anyone played that? It’s a combination of Bocce ball and Golf apparently.
Susan 26th Jun 2019 Activity Director
I have never tried that but maybe you can have them send you a free sample or get a return if it doesn’t work out
Teresa 1st Jul 2019 Activity Director
Corn hole is popular with our group. Also Velcro dart throwing game. We
Ike to put out buckets for them to throw things into ( sometimes marshmallows, rubber bands, beans, bean bags, wadded up paper that’s my favorite good for hands to wad paper) of course balls too. Let your imagination fly they love to be cheered on when they throw anything.
Susan 1st Jul 2019 Activity Director
Good ideas Teresa
I especially like the Velcro darts

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