Our brains, just like our bodies need exercise! Neurobics is a type of exercise designed to stimulate the brain and enhance cognitive performance. Here are 13 simple and stimulating mind activities for seniors in long-term care.
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Our brains, just like our bodies need exercise!

Neurobics is a type of exercise designed to stimulate the brain and boost cognitive performance. Research indicates that people who pursue intellectual challenges live longer and maintain a sharper mind.

Intellectual activities such as reading, solving riddles and puzzles, playing chess, debating, and learning new languages all contribute to cognitive stimulation. 

Don't let routine take over the lives of your clients! Offer activities that require some conscious mental effort. These activities are key to stimulating cellular growth in the brain.

Here are several unique and innovative ideas to incorporate into your Activities Program:

1. Grow a Garden

Initiate a project to grow a herb garden with your clients. If there is no garden space available, container gardening using pots can serve as an excellent alternative.

2. Surf the Internet

Guide your clients to find topics of interest online. Encourage them to learn about these topics in depth.

3. Learn to Juggle

Arrange for a juggling instructor to teach your clients this fun and mind-engaging activity.

4. Discover Niche Magazines

Introduce your clients to niche magazines on unfamiliar topics such as furniture design, fishing, motorhomes, boating, or poultry farming. Encourage them to expand their horizons by learning new things.

5. Learn Sign Language

Organize sessions with a sign language teacher who can teach your clients a set of commonly used signs.

6. Write with your 'wrong' hand

Initiate a light-hearted activity where clients attempt to write their names using their non-dominant hand. This not only stimulates the brain but also generates laughter, another form of neurobic exercise.

7. Use Chopsticks

Create a challenge for your clients to eat using chopsticks. Opt for easy-to-pick foods such as chopped fruits to avoid frustration.

8. Experience Audio-books

Audiobooks offer a unique way to engage the imagination. Source a collection of audiobooks from your local library for your clients to enjoy.

9. Engage in Meaningful Activities

Encourage your clients to participate in purposeful activities such as crafts, creative arts, drawing, meditation, or reading aloud.

10. Foster Friendships

Foster a supportive and friendly atmosphere where clients are encouraged to assist each other, generating a sense of goodwill and community.

11. Uncover Word Origins

Organize a session where clients choose words and research their etymology, stimulating curiosity about language and history.

12. Listen to Global Music

Expose your clients to a variety of world music genres, like folk, gypsy, and different beats, rhythms, and drums. This can be a culturally enriching experience.

13. Create Facility Maps

Challenge a group of clients to draw a map of the facility they reside in, fostering spatial awareness and teamwork.

The most important thing about Neurobics is that it should be a fun time, to be enjoyed by all.

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Fran 19th Jun 2020
Learning sign language might help later if they loose their words more and more.
Sharon 28th May 2020 Activities Director
Yesterday we sat on the porch and did Golden Carers Activities. We learned we laughed we watched the chipmunks run by. Thank you
Susan 29th May 2020 Activity Director
What a lovely photo Sharon
Thanks for sharing it
Solange 29th May 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thank you, Sharon. They look happy and relaxed; we appreciate the photo-sharing.
Helena 16th Aug 2019 Retired
I work part time on a voluntary basis in a wonderful Day Centre for the elderly. I find Golden Carers is a fantastic resource for new ideas & activities. I particularly liked the article on Neurobics & the related activities, i’m so looking forward to trying them out!
Many thanks. Helena
Talita 19th Aug 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Helena, we appreciate it so much!
Nita 29th Nov 2016 Lifestyle officer
Great ideas...definitely going to incorporate neurobics from brand new year 2017. Merry Christmas and happy new year to Golden carers and all members around the world.
Talita 5th Dec 2016
Thank you Nita, a very Merry Christmas to you too!
Shelley 28th Nov 2016 Music therapist
Elevate the idea of the herb garden make a pizza garden, planting basil and oregano, and use them to enhance a homemade pizza sauce. If a small container garden is possible, the tomatoes and peppers can also be used.
Talita 5th Dec 2016
Love this idea Shelley, thanks for your input!
Liz 25th Nov 2016 Personal Assistant
Golden Carers, amazing!!! Not only providing brilliant activities for the elderly, but also stretching the brains of the carers themselves! Brilliant!
Talita 28th Nov 2016
Thank you so much Liz! Your feedback is very much appreciated!
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