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Dee 10th Jul 2019 Act. Director
Wondering what ideas you have out there with fair ideas? We have been doing our own little community fair every year and wanting new ideas?
Susan 10th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Hi Dee
Here are some ideas
Get an entertainer
Have a raffle
Sell bake sale items
Play games
Have contests
Have face painting
Make simple crafts that those who come to the fair can take home
If you want any specifics on these let me know and I will elaborate more
Embracia 16th Jul 2019 Lifestyle
Hi Dee, we have a 'show day' here in Australia, it is much like your fair though we have a lot of farm animals involved for judging. We have been running our own show day here at the home apposed to the actual show as the grounds get too uneven for our residents. This year we had a petting zoo and the local school children (grade 1) come in the morning, the children were able to help take the animals around to our residents and all involved loved it. In the afternoon we had light entertainment, sideshow ally games like, duck pond, laughing clown game, knock-em-down, and more. as well as a sitting area so the residents could sit and eat there show foods such as, fairy floss (cotton candy), hot donuts and cream, and Strawberry Sundaes. as the day grew to an end and residents started to go back to there rooms each was given a show bag that included, small stuffed toy, balloons, lolly bags, and chocolate.
Like yourself I would love to hear about what others do too. Thank you for your post.
Susan 17th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Hi Embracia
Thank you for your valuable information there are a lot of good ideas
Diane 17th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator
Hi Dee, I've just started doing "Carnivals" in the spring and fall. I found several games in an educational catalogue which gave me the idea. I've done two now and they were big hits. I have 6 game stations set up with small prizes at each station. We have a popcorn machine so make that to give to everyone. Cotton Candy is a prize at one of the games. I also serve lemonade. I also play carnival/circus music that I found on YouTube. My main focus is having fun playing the various games like ring toss, mini golf, throwing a roll of toilet paper into a toilet ( a pail with a toilet seat attached), throwing coins into glasses and cups and winning the one you get the coin (poker chip) into, etc. Lots of laughs and reminiscing about having fun when they were younger.
Good luck with yours!
Susan 17th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Wow Diane
This sounds like really good information with really good ideas thank you so much
Dee 18th Jul 2019 Act. Director
Thank you all, I do some of that but always good to hear new ideas
Jane 22nd Aug 2019
This year at our facility we had a fair parade put on by the local preschool. In Iowa the state fair has a butter cow that is a huge hit every year. So our department heads make butter cows and the residents judge the best one. We have fair queens and beef, pork, etc. Pie eating contest. The residents always enjoy our week fair activities.
Susan 22nd Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Jane

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