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Robyn 10th Jul 2019 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi can anyone help to start getting the ball rolling..please.
I work in a residential home (60 permanent residents) and have been asked to help with a memory support unit - start up. The original intent of the Home was that it was a place for elderly people to lodge and was not set up with any outdoor garden space/lawn etc. The residents are unable to go outdoors for a walk as the building is surrounded by roadways and cars.
I feel overwhelmed with being asked to do this, and additionally it is not really within my power/level of responsibility. The query is vast and multifacited.
I would like to assist the ten or so people with cognitive decline - to live with dignity and still feel valued.
Any starters would be appreciated. Thank you so much - Robyn
Susan 11th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Here are comments Others With similar situations had

I do not know what it’s like in Australia but in the US nursing homes have an annual survey where they ask residence what they think and if they have any Complaints
If the residents say they want to go outside or if their family says that that they would like their family member to go outside then your facility may have to have some sort of area for residents to use

In the meantime why don’t you bring the outdoors in by opening the windows and letting the residents sit in sunny areas so it can feel like the outside also you can put decorations that look outdoorsy in the common areas
You could make the hallways like walking paths and have a walking group for those who like to do that
You could have an outdoor garden indoors
The residents can grow herbs because most are easy to grow

Do not feel overwhelmed by this task just break it down into easy steps and tackle one at a time
Here are some activities to try once you set up the unit

Here are some sample calendars that others made
There is one that is mine from Tapley Lane That was our dementia unit
Perhaps he can get some ideas from these calendars

I wish you the best of luck I know you will do a good job
If you have any other questions please let me know

Robyn 11th Jul 2019 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Thank you very much Susan! I will begin reading. There is so much to think about!
Cheers Robyn
Susan 22nd Jul 2019
Here in our home I have used the longer corridors as a indoor path we have a large mural with bench for a rest, a chair by the window and a destination as a reading area. Many of the residents use this as a means of exercise and I have themed memory boxes along the wall for added interest. I did pace it out and give totals and distances which proved quiet popular.
Susan 23rd Jul 2019 Activity Director
Good ideas Susan

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