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Sunya 14th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Hello everyone. My nursing home just opened a memory care unit in our building. This is my first time ever running one. I also have to do the main part of the building. I feel like I have not yet broken ground when it comes to activities. Any tips on how to plan meaningful activities for the memory care.
Molly 15th Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Sunya 17th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Thank you Molly for this info. I have wrote down so many fun activities for them.
Teri 24th Aug 2018 Lpn
Pinterest has a ton of amazing ideas for residents in various stages of Alzheimer’s. I also recommend researching the best friends approach. There are several books out there that are centered around this style and list activities, tools, and ways to engage your residents in discussion.

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