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Joanne 6th Aug 2019 RAO
I have just been told by management that I need to print out a 'step by step' guide on how to run each and every activity we do. This sounds very time consuming to me so just wondering if anyone uses a template or form for this or has any suggestions on how I could achieve this.
Susan 7th Aug 2019 Activity Director
I do not have a template
But use the ideas on page 14 of this presentation on golden Carers
Do you need to include the object of the activity and preparation for the activity or just instructions ??
This does seem like a huge task so break it down
You can come up with your own format
If you use Microsoft word you can copy and paste many things because there are similar instructions for many activities
Perhaps you can get help from some of your staff also
Solange 8th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Joanne, yes, that is usually the policy of many care organizations. Take a look at the ‘Work Instructions & Procedures’ on this link for a few ideas:

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