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Emma 6th Aug 2019 Activities Student
Hi everyone! I'm currently studying and need to put together a portfolio of activities, and 2 of them need to include an interdisciplinary approach.

For example ...... Two or more disciplines that are working from different skill bases to reach the same goal/outcomes

Eg: Social activity (morning tea)
-Dietician advice of good nutrition and hydration methods and how they can improve or maintain well-being.

-Physio discussion on why physical exercise assists in weight control or standing while eating may be beneficial to digestion.

However this is my teachers example, so would love to submit 2 totally different ideas....

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Susan 7th Aug 2019 Activity Director
How about occupational therapist and how to adapt and modify an activity that a person usually enjoy but needs to be different depending on their physical or mental disability such as arts and crafts using the markers that can be held better or using pictures with thick lines so people who are visually impaired can see them better
How about a speech therapist and a singing activity to make sure that they enunciate the words so people can’t understand them
How about the admissions director and spotlighting an activity that the residents really enjoy have her give in input On how to make an activity more special
Solange 8th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Emma, these examples may help you.

Activity One: End of Life support
Supportive palliative care from clinical staff
Supportive care from Lifestyle staff: Daily readings of Poetry/Religious passages of choice, fresh flowers regularly, hand massage, and the music of choice.

Activity two: Massage - Aromatherapist and Lifestyle staff
Invite an Aromatherapist to inform residents on the benefits of essential oils in massage.
Massage residents to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and increase range of motion

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