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William 20th Aug 2019 Retired
My wife is at Stage 6 Alzheimers & I am going to have to move her to memory care. How do I tell her & what can I do minimize the trauma.
Susan 21st Aug 2019 Activity Director
Hi William
Music is always a good idea because it taps into so many parts of the brain make sure to address each person by name and ask them to sing you may have to sing right into their ear but they probably will respond here are some ideas on golden Carers

Another good idea is sensory stimulation you can have people sit together in looks like a group but you do things with each person individually you can also put their favorite activity in front of them such as some thing to color some thing to sort some activities of daily living some work chores
Here are some ideas on on the golden Carers
Susan 21st Aug 2019 Activity Director
Hi William
The move may be upsetting to your wife at first
But she will forget why she is moving no matter how many times you tell her
Try to bring some familiar things from home to the new place and decorate her room similar to her room at home
The staff at the home will help her transition to her new living arrangement
Hopefully she can meet some people who are very friendly and coax her to enjoy activities
She may want you to visit but she may tell you she wants to go home so you may need to stay away for a while
Every person is different
Give her some time to adjust
Susan 22nd Aug 2019 Activity Director
Here are some more ideas
Per haps you And the staff can make one of these boxes for your wife
Bring pictures every time you visit
Do not ask do you remember but say tell me about
If she cannot you tell her about the picture
If she really presses you I’m wanting to go home tell her that the doctor said she has to stay there for a little while
Keep telling her that as long as she will accept it and tell her that she is safe where she is temporarily
Make sure you are upbeat and smiling even if you’re hurting inside
Also Join and a caregiver support
This will make you feel better and they may have some good ideas for you
Susan 26th Aug 2019 Activity Director

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