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Tonia 20th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator
Evening everyone ,
We are promoting LGBT policy in our home at the moment and wondering if any of you lovely people have any ideas on how I can start this discussion off during our conversation club or have any information that your willing to share please.
I know attitudes have changed over the years but I think most of my residents attitudes have not after listening to conversations and comments in the past .
Solange 20th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Tonia, yes it is a challenging subject because the older generation is not as open-minded. I hear that many LGBT people goes back to the closet when they need care, very sad... However, there are folks trying to change things such as 'Free to be Me'. Show your residents/staff these five minutes play on the subject:
There may be also Government diversity training for residential care staff to counteract discrimination on the basis of LGBT identities. Good on you for advocating on their behalf.
Karen 25th Aug 2019 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
I suppose you could begin by talking about the accomplishments and lives of famous LGBT people. Oscar Wilde is one example. That could set the tone for discussion.
Susan 25th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Karen for the suggestion

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