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Betty 24th Aug 2019
Hi I have been given a new position as a lead activities coordinator, all thanks to golden carers site. I am now to do newsletters, any ideas on here please? All opinions are warmly welcome.
Susan 24th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Hi Betty
First of all congratulations
Golden Carers has a template for a newsletter which I think you can use
Here are some ideas as to what to include
Karen 25th Aug 2019 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Hi Betty, I am a lead activities co-ordinator as well!
Sarah 30th Aug 2019 Activities Officet
Hi everyone, I recently put a post on Facebook seeing if there was any interest for some mums and bubs coming for morning tea and some intergenerational play to our residential facility and have received an overwhelming reply of over 200 people in just 24 hours. We are only a rural town and i dont want to offend anyone, any advice on how to proceed with my "small " program ?
Susan 30th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Decide on what criteria you want people to have to attend the event and then be honest and tell people that you only have room for so many people and these are the ones you chose but you may have other events
Sarah 1st Sep 2019 Activities Officet
Thanks susan

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