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Melissa 28th Apr 2018 Activity Co Ordinator
Morning from the UK.
I am going to start doing a monthly newsletter in June and was wondering what people put in theirs. I have some ideas but want to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible.
I think site is fabulous and I wouldn't be able to do my job without it. Thank you so much for all you do.
Carly 1st May 2018 Activities Coordinator
I put photos from events of a he last month with a write up of the highlights, and a looking forward to upcoming events section I also aadd notices and things like fire safety x hope that’s helpful.
Elaine 1st May 2018 PCW
You could include up coming birthdays for the month.
Manager message
Events that's ate going to happen that month.
I hope this helps
Lyn 1st May 2018 Activity Coordinator
In mine I put upcoming events, photos from different activities taken place. I also do a section called about me where i write about a staff member and a resident, it's a nice way to get to know each other, x
Diane 4th May 2018 Activity Coordinator
I have a letter from myself, highlighting the past month and what's coming up, a page with that month's birthdays, a picture page of the month's events, a joke page (sometimes it's one long joke and sometimes a few smaller ones), always a word search puzzle, if there is a holiday sometimes I do a page of trivia about the holiday, sometimes I put a spot the difference puzzle from this site, if there are new phone scams or that kind of thing targeting seniors I'll put that in, and the last page is a calendar of events and activities for that month.
Good Luck!
Rachel 8th May 2018
I do a quarterly newsletter and include an intro from me; Information & News (like staff leaving or works around the place); Outings & Events with photos and a short piece written by participating residents on the outing; Coming Up listing things like Mother's Day, Easter, etc; Birthdays; Reminders - for resident meetings, daily timetabled activities, CI, etc; Pastoral Care Report; Resident Profile with a short interview and a photo of a resident; Jokes; Manager's Greeting. I like the idea of putting in a puzzle or word search so might integrate this in my next issue!
Good luck with your newsletter :)
Michelle 10th May 2018 Divertional Therapist
I always encourage the CN, Managers ,Don and staff educator to add something of importance
Betty 29th Aug 2019
Wow!!!! Wonderful, this is amazing. I have no regrets becoming a member of this great site.
Susan 30th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you all to those who helped Betty With all your ideas
And thank you all for being members of golden carers

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