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Melissa 28th Apr 2018 Activity Co Ordinator
Morning from the UK.
I am going to start doing a monthly newsletter in June and was wondering what people put in theirs. I have some ideas but want to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible.
I think site is fabulous and I wouldn't be able to do my job without it. Thank you so much for all you do.
Carly 1st May 2018 Activities Coordinator
I put photos from events of a he last month with a write up of the highlights, and a looking forward to upcoming events section I also aadd notices and things like fire safety x hope that’s helpful.
Elaine 1st May 2018 PCW
You could include up coming birthdays for the month.
Manager message
Events that's ate going to happen that month.
I hope this helps
Lyn 1st May 2018 Activity Coordinator
In mine I put upcoming events, photos from different activities taken place. I also do a section called about me where i write about a staff member and a resident, it's a nice way to get to know each other, x
Diane 4th May 2018 Activity Coordinator
I have a letter from myself, highlighting the past month and what's coming up, a page with that month's birthdays, a picture page of the month's events, a joke page (sometimes it's one long joke and sometimes a few smaller ones), always a word search puzzle, if there is a holiday sometimes I do a page of trivia about the holiday, sometimes I put a spot the difference puzzle from this site, if there are new phone scams or that kind of thing targeting seniors I'll put that in, and the last page is a calendar of events and activities for that month.
Good Luck!
Rachel 8th May 2018
I do a quarterly newsletter and include an intro from me; Information & News (like staff leaving or works around the place); Outings & Events with photos and a short piece written by participating residents on the outing; Coming Up listing things like Mother's Day, Easter, etc; Birthdays; Reminders - for resident meetings, daily timetabled activities, CI, etc; Pastoral Care Report; Resident Profile with a short interview and a photo of a resident; Jokes; Manager's Greeting. I like the idea of putting in a puzzle or word search so might integrate this in my next issue!
Good luck with your newsletter :)
Michelle 10th May 2018 Divertional Therapist
I always encourage the CN, Managers ,Don and staff educator to add something of importance

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