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Louise 28th Aug 2019 admin staff
hello, I started my activity co-ordinator nearly two months now. I'm working with high care dementia people. Most of them are high care. any idea what activities I can do for them daily?
Susan 29th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Hi again Louise
Look at this especially the comment made by Tina in terms of her schedule
I like to start with the movement activity Such as table ball or a balloon ball or. Kickball
I like to do a sing-along because most can engage in that in someway
Engage the higher functioning residents to help you engage the lower functioning ones
Then you can do with the idea suggested by Tina but you know your residents best and what they best respond to
Let me know if you need more ideas
Karen 1st Sep 2019 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Hello Louise and welcome. Well done for settling into your new role and I really hope you are enjoying it. There are a few things you can do, for example, research gentle chair exercises for the elderly, pop a CD on, and do them with them, sit them around in a circle or rows first. Do you have an ipad or mobile device yourself or in the home? You could google biographies of famous figures they had in their time, like Frank Sinatra or John Wayne, something that they can identify with, and read it to them. Do you have colouring books? You could help them with colouring pages, if they are willing to participate in that. There is sensory touch and feel time - you could give them objects to feel, such as rough, smooth, soft. If you have dominoes or snakes and ladders or any other board games in your home, you could ask them to participate in that. If you have a black board or whiteboard in the home, you could have, what I call, a spelling and discussion group session. You can talk about anything - pick a subject that you know a little bit about, such as old TV and films, gardening, summer holidays - begin talking about it, and ask the residents in turn to spell particular words and write it on the black board. As you are new to this role, I suppose you would need to get to know the residents life stories, what their hobbies are, and what they used to do for work. Do you do quizzes? The residents would love that. Do yo ualso have an activities manager that you can liaise with, and he/she can guide you? Mine provided me with a resources folder when I first started plus there were plenty of things on the activities shelf, though I do go out and buy more, plus fill up the activity folders with printout of stuff like quizzes and biographies, etc. I think there is absolutely nothing like just sitting next to them and chatting to them. This helps you get to know them as well on a personal level thus building up trust and rapport. Please post back and tell us how you get on! Good luck! xxx
Susan 1st Sep 2019 Activity Director
Great ideas Karen
Susan 1st Sep 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for your ideas and encouragement Karen I am anxious to see how things work out also
Brenda 12th Sep 2019 Staff
You can indulge them in various activities such as take a bit of proper advice as well as correct medical prescription.

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