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Nancy 30th Aug 2019 Activity Coordinator
What’s another names for Reminiscing
Rolling back the years ... any more ideas please
Susan 30th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Magical meaningful memories
Tell me about your favorite memories
Solange 30th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Retrospectively Remembering!
The recollection of Yesteryears!
Jemma 12th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
Step back in time
Susan 13th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Good name Jemma
Elizabeth 17th Sep 2019 Wellbeing Coordinator
Getting to know you. !! Have the residents tell each other about their lives. Different topics every time. E.g
What they did for work. Entertainment. Holidays. The list is endless.
Catherine 18th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
A stroll down memory lane. In Ireland we have a magazine called Ireland's Own and each issue they have these 1 page stories called Just a Memory. They are excellent for getting conversation going among residents and there's no pressure to remember as the the story provided the prompt
Susan 18th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Great ideas

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