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Karen 1st Sep 2019 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
In my facility we don't have any baking or cooking activities with the residents, because of food hygiene plus they are not allowed in any of the ancillary areas. But I thought of reading recipes with them, and talking through the method and the ingredients of making a Sunday roast with them for example, or baking a cake. They are very good at remembering the ingredients when I ask them, and show them food from their countries, and reminding them of the food that their families sometimes bring in for them. So that's how I do a "cooking" or "baking" activity with them. I know other facilities will let them participate in cooking, but ours doesn't.
Susan 1st Sep 2019 Activity Director
Karen this is a good idea
But could you make something simple such as a dip add dry onion soup to sour cream
If there is concern about Sanitary conditions then have a dip made up that you made and the residents use that one you can get crackers for them to dip into the dip
Here is another idea
Rosa 2nd Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Karen! such a great idea, reading recipes! residents will love it as is an opportunity to recall cooking memories, even if they were not a great cooks or perhaps they were excellent cooks , they share tips and methods of cooking. Good luck!!
maybe you can be able to show some of the old and new utensils , and talk about the equipment, some photos/ short cooking videos might help to show them. :)
Love this activity
Susan 4th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Good ideas Rose
Thank you
Caitlin 12th Oct 2019 Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Are they are allowed to do a slow-cooker or bread machine activity? I like doing those since the scent lingers in the room and it's a new sense. If they are not allowed then could you at least do a cooking demo for them? Maybe a bruschetta, guacamole, or no-bake cookies?
Susan 12th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Good thoughts Caitlin
Jacqulyn 8th Aug 2021 Activity Program Coordinator
Our Non-cooking Cooking classes are done in small groups, 6 feet apart , washing hands wearing gloves before handling anything. I pre-make individual packets to give to each one. I show them step by step as what to do and they follow. I have an assistant that helps.

We have a Resident who has limited vision, lead one of our cooking groups. He made his home made spaghetti and meatballs. Of course He was supervised at all times and assisted as needed cutting up the vegetables(onions, bell peppers). I also purchased small bags of seasonings he wanted. He didn't like the supervision, I told him in order for him to do this, he has to be supervised or he will not be able. He growled some, but all in all, It boosted his self esteem and his confidence. Our staff praised him for making great tasting spaghetti!
Jean 11th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
I do a food or drink tasting session in the dinning room. Last week I brought in a variety of savoury biscuits and crackers & some pots of cheese spread. They each had a small plate and knife to spread with, selected their own crackers, spread them and tasted them. We closed the session with a hot drink and one of my residents washed the small plates for me. You can make it more sensory by adding and decorating with fresh herbs, tomato or pickles.
Susan 11th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for sharing this
It sounds like you had a great time

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