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Robyn 5th Sep 2019 Healthy Ageing Advocate
We are a predominantly English speaking nursing home and we've just admitted an Italian gentleman. He speaks English well, has significant vision loss, can get a bit touchy feely with the ladies and is declining our invitations to activities. We only have a handful of men on site and they don't mix with each other much at all for a variety of reasons.
Any ideas of activities that we could incorporate into our program for this resident would be most welcome.
Susan 10th Sep 2019 Activity Director
RAO 10th Sep 2019
Try bocci - this is an outdoor lawn game - I'm sure your resident will be familiar with it. It may also encoueage the other male residents to participate as well; providing some healthy competition. Residents with limited mobility (requiring walkers or wheelchairs) are able to participate by modifying the game to the individual. Good luck and have fun! Cheers Sharon RAO Minto NSW
Susan 11th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Good idea Rao

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