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Sunya 16th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Hi everybody. I have a female resident on our memory care. She has dementia middle stage. I have my assistant to do a 1:1 group for several of our memory care residents that want sit still for long. And she is a part of that group in the mornings. I have created activities for each person to work on. She is one that if you put paper or a magazine in front of her she will eat it or tear it. I have spoke with her family to bring items from home that she once loved. She like Christian music so we play it for her. She sung in the church choir so we have had sing alongs. Do any of you have any other ideas of what else I can do for her. I am going to try doll therapy with her to see how she take to that. Thanks in advance
Susan 17th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Hopefully she is on a regular diet
One thing that comes to mind is putting Cheerios or Another cereal with a hole in the middle on a string or a piece of yarn
You can show her how to do it and then put a string with a few Cheerios on it and some other cereal in front of her and see if she puts it on the string
I had a resident who did this
She loved the dolls and thought one was her baby
Which brings to mind another activity you can give her basket of clothes to fold specially baby clothes or socks to sort or washcloths to fold
Let us know how it goes
Sunya 17th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Susan for this information.

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