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sandra 19th Jul 2012 training diversional therapist
hi there, iv just been told i have to change my activites calendar again, as its good but not good enough, have been working at the same place 2yrs now and management are always wanting me to change it as they think its not good enought!!! Anyhow they are wanting me to do more outings so the residents are seen out in the community more, at least once a week, so ideas on were u take your ressies when on an outing would be greatfully received, cheers in advance from a slightly frustrated D.T xx
Christine 19th Jul 2012 Lifestyle Support Officer
Hi Sandra,
I don't know what town you are in so I can't offer specific suggestions. However on a generic level, we have outings to tourist attractions eg in Canberra we go to Floriade. Also coffee shop for a cuppa, picnics in warm weather, museums eg fire brigade museum, Lookouts and an ice-cream,Botanic Gardens, anything with animals etc. Depending on the residents ability just go for a drive where they can stay in the bus and maybe get an ice-cream or drink. Sometimes Gardens and tourist attractions will allow you to drive through. Enjoy! Christine
Carol 20th Jul 2012 Lifestyle and Leisure Co-ordinator
Hi Sandra, I try and do weekly outings with my High care residents. Many times we just go for a drive finishing with an ice cream. We drive around the areas they may be familiar with or drive out to see the airport. Many times the residents may not get off the bus which sometimes is more attractive for them when it is too hot/cold as they just want to blow the cobwebs off. Give it a try Regards Carol
Lifestyle 20th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi sandra we do a mystery taxi trip where the residents are different each week and they choose where they would like to go it's great cause they reminsing about there past. we also go to the shops for lunch or a pub. bring it up in your residents meeting and ask them what they want cause then you show you are involing residents and its residents focused.
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sandra 22nd Jul 2012 training diversional therapist
Thanku so much to all who replyd to my question on outings, i have taken all comments on board and hope to improve my calender with all the ideas u have given me, cheers everyone, mwah xx
David 25th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist

with regards to outings & numbers of staff, whilst there is no standard minimum number (& it depends on each facilities policy), I would recommend - no matter the amount of clients you have - that you have @ least 2 staff members with current First Aid skills.
In any event of an emergency then @ least one staff member can apply First Aid while the other staff member can call for help/000.
In the case of the Nursing Home I work at we have 2 on the bus outings, maximum 11 residents (we don\'t get off however).
On community walkabouts/outings it\'s usually one staff member to one client (we\'re high care also).

Hope this helps!


Wendy 18th Nov 2013 Lifestyle Manager
Hi inregard to changing your calendar, to pass accreditation the calendar must meet the needs of your clients, thier needs come form the social profile or social history form they fill out when they come into your facility, it is not up to us to change it unless they are not attending or are unhappy with an activity then they should be consulted about what they would like. I suggest you ask them where they would like to go and how often ofcause if the bus is available. We have shopping trips once a week and trips in the afternoon + one full day trip a month their choice of where we go

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