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Danielle 1st Oct 2019 Director Of Resident Services
Hello! I am the Director of Social Services, and due to budget cuts, I am also the Activities Director. I am having a VERY hard time getting residents to come out of their rooms and participate. We have long term and short term rehab residents. They always say they are bored, but they never want to attend activities, and they don't have any ideas on what they would like to see added to the calendar when I ask. Please help!!!
Susan 2nd Oct 2019 Activity Director
Wow this is an unenviable task for you because you have so much responsibility
First of all try to get some volunteers to help you
Here is an article that might help you
Mila 8th Oct 2019 Activities Assistant
I had that problem years ago when residents were more able and they had the idea that those activities don’t suit them or they think it’s childish. So I started with an activity that involved a lot of them who are cognitively and physically able. We made a 4 seasons project . Summer, winter, autumn and spring in collages form .Residents who loved to do arts they made collage.. Residents who like outdoor walking ,I took them out to pick dry leaves and tiny branches. Residents who are poetic wrote their poems of each season. It took us 2 months .( 2 times a week art and crafts but well enjoyed by everyone who felt bored, Since then they came out more to join activities. But first ask what they like as it has to come from them.
Susan 9th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Mila That sounds great
Danielle will this work for you ??
Let us know
Donna 15th Oct 2019 Volunteer
I would start by making this a very special happening by slipping a colorful invitation in a sealed envelope, under the doors of some of the residents; in the invitation I would make sure they understood this involved a big secret .... they cannot tell anyone about this special invitation. You carry on this theme of "special", "secret" by writing something like "Murray look inside ONLY if you feel extra brave today." Inside the envelop would be the invitation AND a safety pin through a colored ribbon with the instructions to pin that ribbon on the collar of whatever they are wearing tomorrow. Also let them know in the invitation that he/she will be called for a special event at 2:00 o'clock or whatever.... If you set the time for any time other than the normal activities time, you will create even more suspense. This will build up the suspense.
As for picking those clients for the very first day, I would suggest... - if some of your clients always hang out together, send an invitation to only one of a trio; - make sure your list includes the leader of the pack at large.... especially if that leader is a negative force to most things. And so on.
You can make the walking (of the chosen ones) as secret as you like by whispering, not allowing doors to slam... In an ideal world you will lead this group to a room that is not your activity room... maybe someone's office. There you can run it however you decide.... are you asking the chosen ones to help you with some task (organizing a Hallow'en event), help you to run a survey (to find out so and so's hobby, birthday); to pick/ vote in the ones (only 2 people, maybe 6) who will join the chosen ones the next special day; to create a special card for the new Prime Minister etc.; to be prepared to go to a matinee tomorrow or the next day/week.. (Do they want to keep the activity of the matinee a secret?) Post this special event on a calendar in the activities room. Most theater managers will support you if a group picture can be taken for the local newspaper or to hang in the lobby. You could discuss how everyone will want to have their jackets and street shoes ready and you might want to pick Mary to be a partner with X.... for safety sake. This group of the chosen few may want to keep this as a secret club for the next week or two, they may decide to keep the matinee a secret... whatever.
All to make this a very SPECIAL thing to be part of.
And you are off to a good start....
Susan 16th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Wow Donna thanks for the info

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