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Sarah 8th Oct 2019 Clinical Coordinator
Hello fellow members, our facility has recently started a wellness clinic and we are searching for new ideas to run on a weekly basis. Any ideas of what works for you would be greatly received! We are high care dementia specific which makes the task a little more challenging.

I would also like to hear of any feedback you may have on the use of diffusers within your facility. What processes do you have in place, is there a certain brand you recommend and do you have issues with smoke alarms at all?
Look forward to your replies many thanks
Susan 9th Oct 2019 Activity Director
This task might be challenging but here are some ideas
Talk about good foods to eat and perhaps have some samples
Probably will need the help of the dietary department and the dietitian as well as the speech therapist

You can talk about exercise you may want to enlist the physical therapist to help you with this but there are plenty of exercises that might help you on this site

Another good idea is to talk about cognitively stimulating activities
And creative pursuits related to them

The next is the importance of socialization which you could include in your wellness clinic

Another idea would be to plan household tasks for residents to do at the wellness clinic
Let us know how the clinic works out and other things you may have

Narda 9th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Supervisor
At the brand new home that i work in we have a diffuser with peppermint -it will last for 6 hours. Before lunch Lifestyle staff prepare hot face washers with lemon or orange essential oil in them so that resis can use not only to wash hands but to enjoy the aroma. One resident said it smells 'delicious'- these also help with eating and appetite. I bought the brand of diffuser from big W at $59 was on special. Our facility has 5 floors and currently have one floor and the second one starting to fill up now. As dementia is about mostly sensory things then the air they breathe can be enhanced and bring back lots of good memories
Sarah 9th Oct 2019
Hi Narda
Thanks for the feedback. I have a couple of other questions for you if you don't mind answering them... what type of benefits have you seen with using the Diffuser? Have you noted any improvements within the residents whilst it has been operational? What other oils do you use with it if any and what policies and procedures have you got set around the use of the Diffuser?
Look forward to your reply
Narda 10th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Supervisor
As the diffuser has only been going for a couple weeks , it is hard to clarify results but I can say that the air smells better. the overall ambiance is different and residents seem just healthier- am not sure if its just oils but other things I have put into place as well but the oils do have impact on our senses. Our manager does not like any foul smells either eg urine when you walk into the home. the orange and lemon are uplifting too.. there is a website that use aromatherapy oils just for aged care and give insights to use etc. Policies and procedures- our manager put up as a new CI . I put instructions on wall in utility room for use of Hot towel procedure, instructions for staff on our intramail system. Our home has an aromatherapy room , which has not started yet to have any customers. I will have to source therapists soon i guess. Trust that helps. Narda
Sarah 10th Oct 2019
Thanks Nards,
that's great thank you! Its a great starting point and I will definitely get on line to have a look at the oils website
Susan 11th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for your input Narda
Sarah 15th Oct 2019
Thank you Narda! most grateful for your suggestions and assistance. Looks like we are going to go ahead and trial the diffuser in the wellness centre area
Betty 5th Nov 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Narda,
The hot towel thinks to be a great idea! How do you warm them up? Do you have any procedure ready what you can share, please?
I would love to have a private chat in email about it.
Can we have a chat? Excellent idea for the Dementia residents and the rest.
Please let me know: [email protected]
Best wishes, Betty
Narda 6th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Supervisor
I have written a private email to you . Regards Narda

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