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Patricia 17th Oct 2019 Memory Care Director
I work in a dementia unit. I would like to know what activities your residents are interested in. I find that many of my residents are content doing nothing and watching what is going on in the building. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Solange 17th Oct 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Patricia, yes, it is not easy to motivate/attract residents living with dementia to structured activities. You can pretend it is not structured. For instance, try purchasing some long handle plastic Fly Swatters; give them to 5 or 6 residents and trow a balloon in their midst; this is an activity that rarely fails. They enjoy bouncing the balloon. Another one is sitting a group of residents around a table and placing lengths of different textures of fabric in their reach. They enjoy running their fingers into velvet, silk, wool, cotton, curtain and carpet fabric. Of course, some residents will fold a few under their arms and walk away! But if you have enough fabric there will be enough for others to join in. Also, take a look at this link; some foods for thought there.
Susan 17th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thanks very much Solange these are good ideas
Patricia you may want to view with this article also
Patricia 17th Oct 2019 Memory Care Director
Thank you for your suggestions.

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