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Jackie 24th Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator
Have been instructed to leave items for our dementia residents to use after I have gone
home in the evening. I have done so in the past only to find pieces or items missing.
Having paid for most of the equipment and not wanting this to happen again, would like
suggestions if possible. Unfortunately, there will be occasions, when carers will have to
leave the lounge unattended, so safety is my main concern, many thanks in advance.
Susan 25th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Try to get things donated
Do not leave things that you would be sad if they were destroyed or lost Do not leave expensive things
You can leave magazines
Decks of playing cards
Paper two fold or color
Stickers and inexpensive water soluble magic markers
Donated scarves and neckties
Paper bags
Beach balls
I am sure there are other things but you know what your residents like the best
I am curious many places do not leave Dementia residents unattended

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