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Donna 29th Oct 2019 Diversional Thaerapist
Good morning,
Looking for recomendations on where to purchase a silicon life like baby doll for some of our residents.
A nurse brought her doll in to show the residents and the reaction from a couple of ladies was amazing, the baby doll was weighted to a realistic weight for a baby.
I have done doll therapy (Child representaion therapy) before at a previous employment and it was successful but they looked like dolls so this time I really would like a doll that looks real.

Susan 29th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Hi Diana
I do not know where to buy a realistic doll
A member of Golden Carers makes realistic looking dolls
I suggest you post something on the golden Carers Group on Facebook
Donna 29th Oct 2019
Thanks will do.
Andrea 11th Dec 2019 AIN/Lifestyle therapist
HI Donna, Where did you do "Child representaion therapy" at ? As I have found it impossible to find any recognised course.


Susan 12th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Hi Andrea
I do not know of a course that certifies you in child representative therapy but this article could help you
I am not sure why you want to know this but this article is very good

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