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Kay 6th Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi and HELP !. We have a new manager and I need to 'revamp' my activities board. She has an idea of 'laminated activity tags' that have a picture and name eg dart board and darts, that hang under the days of the week. Does any one know where I can download & print such labels from?
Susan 7th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Hi Kay
This seems like a big project for you
What kind of residents do you have ??
Are any of them visually impaired ??
I do not know a resource where you could download pictures do you need specifically
However if you look at the ideas and articles here at Golden Carers
Every article has a picture with it so you could use some of these pictures
Do you have a color printer to use ??
Do you have someone who is a pretty good artist??
I hope your manager has given you some time to do this because you do it right it will take time
Certain activities are repeated every week like bingo so you could use the same picture but if you have a full month calendar on the wall you would have to make multiple copies of the picture
Good luck

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