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samantha 9th Nov 2019 Occupational Therapy Student
I am looking for activities to do with adult who has mental issues looking for jobs.
Susan 10th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Can you clarify this
Is this person looking for a job in the community or are you talking about a job for him to do in the facility ??
Carla 16th Nov 2019 Lead Activities Coordinator
From how it reads I would say in the facility
Susan 19th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Thanks Carla
If you want to find a job for the person to do and your facility you need to find out what his interests and abilities are because you want the job to be success oriented and failure free
This article may help

Here are somethings I’ve tried
I make cards on the computer for any occasion
I am make some copies on the copy machine The cards that need to be folded
I have the person fold these cards for me and then either he or someone else passes them out
I have had residents be my helper at an activity
If The person has a special talent than use it
I hope this helps

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