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Gemma 31st Dec 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi I'm an activities coordinator on a hospital ward for people dementia. What activities do you find the most active. I'm just planning and seem to do the same things day after day. I find something that seems to work but then do it constantly. I know my patients change constantly so it's not such a problem but I'm not as enthusiastic when I've done something a hundred times.
I need some new ideas.
Does anybody have any ideas for exercise type activities???
Susan 31st Dec 2019 Activity Director
Try some of these activities
Remember people but dementia like repetitive activities because they know what’s coming next so even though you are bored they may not be
Diane 3rd Jan 2020 Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
How about giving Exercise bingo a go? The beauty is the game can be redundant but the exercise with in can change. A few therapeutic recreation specialist told me about it and their success with clients. Please google for more information if you would like to try it out. There are various, yet similar ways to make and play the game.
Susan 3rd Jan 2020 Activity Director
You can try some of these ideas

I especially like using music with exercise such as singing this song if you’re happy and you know it and then let the residence suggest things that you could do besides clapping your hands and stamping your feet if they need help you can help them
You can also add ideas for any of the holidays in the month that you were thinking of

Reminiscing on exercising is also a good idea and it can change with the different groups that you do

If Residents are having trouble giving you a response say tell me about instead of asking a question and give them a choice of two answers or you can say I can tell by your smile that you want to do whatever it is you want to do
Kathleen 5th Jan 2020 Activity Assistant
The above suggestions definitely work. Don't forget balloon volleyball. We use a punchball since it's larger and sturdier. The residents never get tired of doing this. In the beginning of my employment, I gathered everyone in a circle and we batted the balloon around. I found that this could be tedious. Many residents wait for the "ball" to come around to them. I found it better to take the "ball" around to the tables (of 4 or 6 residents). Each person gets a better workout.
Susan 5th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Balloon volleyball is a great game
Thank you for that suggestion Kathleen
Katie 6th Jan 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Gemma,

I am also an activity co-ord in a hospital, elderly care wards. Around half our patients have dementia. I haven't been able to find another AC is a similar setting. Would be interesting to talk about what we do. Please email me if you'd like - [email protected].

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