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Stephanie 12th Jan 2020 Volunteer Program Director For Faith Based Respite
I have been following for months, but haven’t joined. I started a faith based respite program for people with dementia last September that meets once a week.. We are 100% volunteer run, and are VERY conservative with our limited funds. I have used some of your free activities, and have no doubt that I would love the information included in the membership(which I think is reasonably priced.) My only question is this....Are there plenty of activities that don’t require extra funds? I don’t even do too many crafts as that can add up. I love everything I have seen so far.
Solange 12th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Stephanie, we have in mind that most facilities don't usually have a generous budget for activity staff. That being so we try to use donated recycled material, and what is around the house and kitchen. When the material is purchased we recommend charity shops and Dollar shops as much as possible. We hope you can join us in the future.
Susan 13th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Stephanie
It is wonderful that you have your free volunteer group for those with dementia
I am sure you are in enriching the lives of the people you serve
I have a whole section in an article I wrote about how to get free things
For example many dance classes and other classes for children are always looking for places they can practice and I am sure that your folks would love to see the children
There are many more ideas in this article but you have to be a member to see it
I look forward to seeing your input soon

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