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Alison 23rd Jan 2020 Activitycoordinator
Does anyone have ideas gorv Valentine's Day gifts for men and women
Susan 24th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Are you making the gifts or buying them??
How much do you want to spend on each person??
Here are some ideas for gifts
You can also give prizes related to an activity to get more people to go to the activity Like a special prize at bingo or adding 10 points to your score at some game you play
Perhaps this article of interest you
Susan 25th Jan 2020 Activity Director

I like to have a Valentine’s Day party where I tell each resident why we love them we do this in between singing love with songs and doing trivia about Valentine’s Day
The residents seem to love it and feel very good after it is over even though it doesn’t cost me much we do serve cake or something else sweet at the end
In my opinion always better to serve food at the end of the activity

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