Here are some ideas for affordable gifts and Golden Carers homemade gifts.

At this time of the year most of you are probably thinking about inexpensive gifts ideas for friends, family and loved ones and of course for clients.

Gift giving, and receiving, brings joy, excitement, feelings of self worth, and shared experiences.

For me, Christmas was always one of the best times of the year; clients sitting around the table busy making gifts and Christmas decorations; Christmas carols playing in the background, the smell of baked cinnamon cookies; the animated conversation, and the joy of gift making.

Here are some ideas for affordable gifts and Golden Carers homemade gifts.

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Sylvia 14th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hello everyone I hope you are all well . Thank you for all your ideas it has been a godsend that's for sure, covid has been a night mare for activity coordinators Christmas is now looming and today has been great .
Do you have any ideas for making a DAY TO DAY Board ,

for example what day is it
what's the date
what time is it
what is the weather like
what day is it

It must be senior orientated mainly for our dementia floor.
Susan 20th May 2020 Activity Director
The ones you can click on art available from Golden Carers

Some of the others are home made
The rest you can find online or at a store
Tammy 19th May 2020 Activity Director
How come some of them I can't click on?
Talita 20th May 2020
Hi Tammy, we have diy activities for some of these gift ideas, the others are just ideas for presents you can purchase. You can find some more diy activities here:

Hope this helps x
Janice 18th Nov 2015 Care giver
Thank Yu it gives a lot ideale presents