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Kristy 8th Feb 2020 Support Worker
Hi, I'm looking at offering an in home diversional therapy service. This will be one on one activities. I will need to keep the appropriate records and documentation, but wondering if an activity analysis would need to be done on EVERY single activity? If I have many clients and try different activities with each one each week that would amount to a lot of extra work. Thanks in advance!
Susan 9th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kristy
I see you still want to set up a diversional therapy service

I am not familiar with what the regulations are in Queensland
I am also not familiar with Mable, I suspect you will have to pay Mable a fee for using their insurance.

I would check with the governing body in Queensland to see if they have any rules and regulations for providing home diversional activities.

I do not know what benefits you get from the aged care facility that you work at but consider this when you think about what you will charge for your service.

As I said before, the trick is to get clients because many who need one to one activities are not interested in doing activities.

I would say your best bet for getting clients is to see what Mable has to offer and to talk to family members

Good luck to you and let us know how it goes

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