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samantha 15th Feb 2020 Occupational Therapy Student
I am an Occupational therapy assistant student in level 2 fieldwork. I am look for ideas to do a project or inservice to improve strength, tolerance, endurance, balance and fine motor skills.
Solange 16th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Samatha. An in-service to improve residents’ dexterity could be offered through a series of activities like playing with clay, doing hand stretches; - flexing and stretching the hands and fingers to improve blood flow - and sewing large items with safety needles e.g. ‘sewing’ strips of leather around a frame. An in-service to improve balance and strengthens knee joints and ankles could include wall pushups (fully supervised and supported) - sitting with feet hip-width apart and holding on the sides of chair, place feet on tip-toe position and then move your torso forward - as forward as it is safe - go back to original position and repeat. I hope this can help you.
samantha 16th Feb 2020 Occupational Therapy Student
Thank you very much Solange it was a big help and thank you for the different ideas.
Susan 17th Feb 2020 Activity Director
hi Samantha
Solange has some great ideas
Do you want to do one activity that highlights all things you mentioned try this exercise group
You can add hand exercises
They can’t pretend they’re playing the piano
and you can use balance exercises as well if the participants can stand then they can hold onto the chair and try standing on one leg
A sitting position they can reach one elbow to the opposite knee and do it as many times as they can to increase endurance
Denis 27th Oct 2022 Jobless
Art therapy has proven itself very well. Such therapy consists of treatment through various kinds of art: clay molding, drawing, work with applique or sand animation, music and dance classes.

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