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Julie 25th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Officer
Hi everyone,
Was wondering if anybody has any easy card games for our MSU. We seem to play only one game called 'lucky dog' which is extremely easy and they love it but would like to introduce maybe one or two others that are very simple but adult like. If that makes sense.
Any ideas most welcome
Susan 25th Feb 2020 Activity Director
War is also a good idea
21 is an easy to play game
This article may help you also
Julie 25th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Officer
Thanks so much Susan will check them out
Actionmarguerite 25th Apr 2021
Card Bingo is a sure hit with my Residents. 5 cards each player face up in a row, then you ( the caller) uses another deck to call out the number and suit. whoever has the same card as you, turns the card facedown. the game continues this way until a player has all 5 card face down....BINGO!
Susan 25th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Actionmarguerite
You can use less cards if five is too much
It is a great idea though

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