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Eileen 5th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi, I have an interview on Monday for a position as a Activities in a daycare setting, I am requested to present give a 5-minute presentation of schedule for a week... day.. have any of you any suggestions?
Susan 6th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Have you been to this facility??
Are they willing to share any information about the residents??
I have been to several facilities where their activity department was a mess and I had to start from scratch
The first thing I did was to come in before I actually started and talked to some of the residents
Are they willing to let you do that??
Have you worked in another facility??

If the answer to all that is it no then here are some sample calendars
If you have any specific questions please let me know
Emphasize in the interview that you need to know the residents and their likes and dislikes and abilities
You may want to talk about how you would get me reluctant residents to participate
Here is an article about that

Good luck to you if I don’t hear from you before your interview

Eileen 6th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan, Thank you for your advice and information. They are a well established Daycare center in the community here. On information on the organization, they seem to have plenty going on. They are looking for something new. Again "Go raibh maith agat"
Susan 7th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Again I say it really depends on what the residents want
I say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
But obviously they don’t agree
There are tons of ideas at Golden Carers
So in general
You can start with a morning coffee and do trivia or some other activity with the coffee
I had volunteers delivering coffee and they had great conversations with the residents but you could change it up if you don’t have volunteers
Here are just a few ideas about trivia
You could
also do this day in history
Then I would have some kind of an exercise group
Here is another article that might help you
Then I would have some kind of filler activity before lunch the ABC’s of any topic is always a good filler or you have a short sing a long
You may want to have games instead of exercise
So many to choose from again it depends what the residents like
Right after lunch we would read a story to residents want to listen
Then I usually had entertainment or bingo or another game
My residents loved horse racing but again this group may not
In the late afternoon I used to do some thing called a late day fun
I would make cards the residents had to fill out and we would discuss them actually late day fun anything Goes you could also discuss events on the activity calendar
I hope this helps and good luck again

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