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Hilma 19th Mar 2020 Nurse
Hi! I'm a R. N. and was wondering how do all you Wonderful, valued people (DT, Lifestyle Coordinators, whatever your titles) know if someone is showing signs of depression, loneliness, sadness? Maybe need more engagement or 1 on 1. Do you rely on nursing staff to notify you? And if you do, what would be the process? e. g. If someone who used to be quite interactive, but had an accident, then declines and becomes, nothing like they were 6 mths prior. Would you recognise that, and have discussions w nursing staff as to strategies to still engage, find alternative therapies/ activities to engage a declining resident? I am at a loss as to find strategies to include our lifestyle coordinator. How can we make her feel part of our team?
You are so all valuable. Do you join in nursing hand-over? How do you know if resident 'so and so'had a frightful, sad night and could do with some assistance? What suggestions do you give to nursing staff in these instances to help our residents?
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Hilma
We had a morning meeting every morning with all the department heads including social service and the nursing director and the unit managers
We were always given a heads up if someone seemed to be depressed
Social service took the lead on talking to the residents about their depression
We are so had outside agencies who supplied psychologists and psychiatrists if needed
Of course outsiders cannot come in now
So to answer your question the activity department always knew if someone was depressed and if we noticed it we would eport to social services and nursing about it
This recent article will help you also

Hilma 21st Mar 2020 Nurse
Thank you Susan for your reply. Is there anyone else who can inform me if they are part of a morning handover with clinical nurse, director of nursing, social services (I guess that must be the social worker). I should imagine it would be like a brief 10 min update as tow who is requiring extra assistance.?
Solange 22nd Mar 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, HIlma, thanks for your concern regarding the recreation staff. Many Nursing Homes have the Activity Coordinator to be present in the daily nursing hand-over for that reason; to be aware of who is unwell or have been diagnosed with depression. She/He then passes the information to other shifts. Otherwise, Activity staff learns (Diploma, Cert. IV or equivalent) to recognize signs of depression in residents while interacting with them, either in groups or one on one. If symptoms are severe they let clinical staff know. They also keep records on each resident regarding lifestyle pursuits (Care Plans) including activity attendance. So if a resident stops attending activities, it is the job of Activity staff to find out why and record it in the Care Plan.
Nursing staff can play a vital role in making Activity staff feel part of the team by giving them moral support; by showing them that they approve and appreciate their work. Thank you.

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