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Julie 11th Apr 2020 Administration Officer
I am trying to find an easy to use platform so that I can stay connected with residents in their units.
Some apps, such as WhatsApp, have a limit of just 4 or 6 users. Others, such as Zoom, are really quite complicated to join.
Is anyone aware of an app which is easy to log in and allows up to 10 users to participate?
I am trying to find ways to run exercise classes, trivia, hangman and other word games on the whiteboard with residents who reside in their own villas, while I am confined to the Community Centre. I would appreciate any suggestions - apps you have found useful.
Susan 12th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hi Julie
It seems like conference now may work but I have not tried that
I have tried several teleconference sites that just are voices and not pictures of people but you could still do activities over the phone
It depends what the capabilities of your residents are
I used to do activities by telephone
We did bingo which was a lot of fun but you have to make sure everyone has a bingo card and something to my car with
It also depends on what type of phones your residents can use
You may want to ask this question to our Facebook group

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