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Katarzyna 10th Apr 2020 Support Worker/Activities Coordinator
Hello. I work in mental health care home. With lock down it’s really difficult to keep people engaged. We’ve had a difficult time to get everyone to participate in activities, and they started to enjoy it. But now with lockdown and isolating everyone in their rooms I’m struggling to find a new ideas for our residents especially that a lot of activities which includes getting people out in corridor is impossible due to the layout of our care home. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you
Susan 11th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hi Katarzyna
Thanks for reaching out
This is a particularly hard group to work with
I think exercise is a good idea use this article to help you
Have it be a one to one activity within a group even though the group is not really meeting together
You could pass out a paper with trivia questions and then call the residents To encourage them to fill it out
You could also try this horse racing game
Another idea is to have the residents write letters to other residents in the facility
They can be short or long depending they residents capabilities
Try to get a letter to every resident
Here is an article you can refer to
In addition hand out paper and try some of these see how many each person can do individually
Then call residents to share what others have written

I hope these suggestions with heip you
Let me know what worked best
Your job is very hard thank you for all you do for your residents

Katarzyna 14th Apr 2020 Support Worker/Activities Coordinator
Thank you for all of those suggestions. I will definitely try it
Susan 15th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Also make sure that you are positive with the residents and thank them for engaging in activities
This article may help you with this

Even though gratitude day is not until September and gratitude month is in November these gratitude ideas may help you

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