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Teresa 21st Apr 2020 Activities Director/CMT
Hi there,

With restrictions in place what are you planning for national nursing home week? We are planning a themed week. "Through the decades," starting with the 40's-80's. What are some activities we can do while social distancing? I am lost...

Thank you!
Susan 21st Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hi Teresa
I like your theme for nursing home week
Here is what you can do
First read the comment from Kim about what she’s doing for Mother’s Day and my answer to it
Off to read this article by Haley and then adapt and modify these activities to meet your needs
Like trivia singalongs and reminiscing about each decade
Pam 21st Apr 2020 Activity Director
I always try to go by the national theme but this year it is hard for me. I am doing a college theme. Art 101,Literature101 Music 101, Physical Education101 ETc. The last day we will have a brunch in the morning and making pictures of residents, in the afternoon graduation with the administror handing out certificates . We are going to let the residents do wisdom jars the week before for staff memebers during nursing home week. With this being our theme I feel like I need more activities for them to share their wisdom. Any suggestions for college week theme using "Sharing Our Wisdom.
Susan 22nd Apr 2020 Activity Director
I like the theme Pam
You can do an activity highlighting each subject
You can do them in a group or individually
For example for arts why not gave each resident who wants a packet of art supplies of your choosing something like magic markers and paper or pipe cleaners or whatever you want
Then let the creativity begin see you what beautiful things they can come up with you can help those who are having trouble
Literature 101 you could have the residents write a story about going to college or whatever you want
For those having trouble you could give them a story starter or a story that they have to fill in the blanks
There are many math activities on golden Carers are you could make up your own
For history you could make it a reminiscing activity and have the resident share something about their past or something they remember
You could combine activities like reminiscing and story writing
For music you could have a sing-along
For physical you could do some kind of exercise group

There are a lot of possibilities if you want any more specifics let me know
You are doing a great job you should be proud of yourself

Pam 22nd Apr 2020 Activity Director
Thank you all for sharing. Great idea.

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