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Joelle 24th Apr 2020 Recreation Worker

Would love to share here regarding terminology to create greater sense of wellness and connectedness....

I have come across the use of the phrasing - PHYSICAL DISTANCING while socially engaging - and find it allows people to feel less 'socially isolated'…. How does that sound to you?
Would this phrasing be a more friendly and caring way of addressing our present circumstances for and with the elders we care for and work with ? It still respects the present guidelines offered by official bodies regarding the situation at hand. Would Golden Carers and membership appreciate such a phrasing ?
Very sincerely,
Janet 24th Apr 2020 CEO
That has a nice ring to it
Susan 25th Apr 2020 Activity Director
I like the term physical distancing better than social distancing
I hope we get some more responses
Thank you for sharing your thoughts Joelle
Terrie 5th May 2020
I prefer "physical distancing" better. I feel like it makes more sense than "social distancing".
I hope I can remember to use that term myself.
Thank you for such a great suggestion!

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