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Kristen 27th Apr 2020 Activity Director
I'm in MA and I'm pretty sure we will still be on lockdown/isolation until May. I was wondering what some people who are in the same boat as me are doing for Nursing Home Week? I was thinking a theme for the day and room to room goodies, etc? Thank you!!
Susan 28th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kristen
These comments should help you
I lived in Massachusetts for a long time and I know it’s pretty bad there but keep your spirits up and do the best you can
Kristen 1st May 2020 Activity Director
Thank you! Our resident's can't even come out of their rooms. We've been bringing activities around for them but I might post pone nursing home week. I'm not sure. It's so tough!!
Susan 2nd May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kristen
I agree it’s very difficult
However it is important for you to be upbeat
Leave your problems at the door and think of how you can make the lives of the residents better
I hope you are calling them on the phone or you are having your volunteers call them on phone
You can even suggest this the family
Do some thing to make them and yourself laugh

Of course they may want to express their sadness
Validate their feelings
Cindy 6th May 2020
We are the Smile Squad. We dress up our cart to our theme and go door to door. We take a Wednesday afternoon and it takes about 2 hours to hit every resident. We were the IRS on April 15th. Had hats, badges, made goodie bags with money and gold wrapped candy. We called it the residents stimulus return. We decorated the cart with money, tax forms. We made a May pole and danced. We did an Easter Parade Cart and sang the song, Easter Parade. The residents all sang along. They all love the Wednesday afternoon!
We started FaceTIme and Chats from Facebook. We have connected about 1/3 of residents and families through that.
Live streaming church services
Expanded our exercise to include stretching.
Sometimes we just fly by the seat of our pants.
good luck to everyone.
Penny 16th Jul 2020
Cindy you are an inspiration! Thank you letting us in our your Smile Squad Wednesdays.
Susan 16th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Yes Cindy thank you for sharing
Maybe some others will do this

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