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Natalie 28th Apr 2020 Leisure Services Coordinator
Does anyone's facility have their own in house community TV channel? I am seeing so many online posts talking about how facilities are using the private tv channel for resident council, Bingo, church service, exercise, etc. If anyone's facility does, what company do you go through? How much does it cost?
Susan 28th Apr 2020 Activity Director
We do not have a private TV channel but here are some other ideas
ZOOM is a pretty good option for having a group activity but you probably have to set it up for each resident and I’m not sure if the resident has capability of using this
They would need to have a computer or a Tablet to make it work
Why don’t you encourage families to send letters or to call their loved ones often
You can have residents call other residents
They could play games over the phone
You could give those who are able written games to share with other residents
You could do a teleconference which are low cost or no cost but it depends what kind of phones you provide to your residents
Your job is not easy now
You need to keep your spirits up

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