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Andrea 16th May 2020 Administrator
Hello, I'm interested in ideas for prizes for winning games for small board and care homes. We are small, only have 18 residents (between 3 houses, 6 residents in each house) so we don't have a large activity budget or a little store that a lot of bigger facilities have. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!
Susan 16th May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Andrea
I like to give out money
Is there anything a resident can buy at your facility such as the vending machines
Or you can plan some kind of special event where the residents can buy some thing from McDonald’s or not there an expensive restaurant
I assume that your residents are high functioning so that they could tell you what they might want for prizes
If you don’t have enough money you could always have a fundraiser

Sometimes the staff and family members are willing to donate money for prizes
Myrah 17th May 2020 Activity Director
Hi, I use tickets. These are earned for participating in activities and you can purchase the tickets at any Dollar Tree. I typically spend $20-40 on items for our "treasure chest" at either dollar tree or Mighty dollar. I try to purchase things that they typically have to buy with their money like polident, toothpaste, shampoo, cond, razors, etc. This way they are saving their money, which is not much anyway, and getting items that they need while participating in our activities. Hope this helps.
Susan 18th May 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your idea Myrah
Some of the things you are describing residents get for free at the facility they live at but I am sure that you could buy things that they might need
Every place is different and the needs of the residents are different
It’s always a good idea to ask what they might want at a meeting
Again thank you Myrah
Karen 18th May 2020 Activity Coordinator
We run a weekly tuck shop and for their birthdays we give out $5 vouchers they can redeem for cookies, candy, etc. I also pay out up to $1 for bingo winners. In our dementia units we give out small bags of chips or chocolate bars as they don't usually have money. Good luck!!
Susan 18th May 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your idea
I say whatever works for you is a good idea
You may have to try multiple things but I’m sure you’ll come up with something good Andrea

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