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Brenda 27th May 2020 Activity Coordinator
I have 60 residents and work 40hrs wkly. I am catching heck from my administrator that I'm "not doing enough for the residents and that they are bored. This is the reason they fall at night when I am not here, because they are not wore out from activities. "
All was good until covid. And it appears I need to divide myself into 3 people and work all three shifts so I am making sure all residents are tired and not sun downing at night when I am not here.
I do weekly activity packets, manicures, tea&treat cart, art cart, beverage cart, culinary cart, bingo and hair do's every week. What more can I do to show that I am super busy and am engaging residents as much as possible. Any advice????
Susan 27th May 2020 Activity Director
First Brenda let me say you are doing a great job
60 residents is a lot to entertain in the best of circumstances
I suggest starting your activity program around 10:30 in the morning because many residents are not ready to do anything before then
For those that are they can do some activities in the activity packet you provide
I suggest doing these exercises
Exercise should make the residents feel more tired at night
It is a good idea to talk to the residents who say they are bored and find out what they want to do
Is any of the non-activity staff willing to help you out especially after seven at night
Many residents go to bed at that time so for those that are awake other staff can keep them entertained
Here are some other ideas
What about this idea for a scavenger hunt
This do it yourself horse racing game is something that you could do or perhaps another staff member could do

You may want to set up this also

To convince the administration That you are doing are you can you may want to contact other places and find out what they are doing and I’m sure they will see that you are doing what others are doing
In fact you’re probably doing more than others are doing
Let me know if you need more help
Brenda 28th May 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thank you Susan,
I am just at such a loss here. I had outstanding reviews before covid, now I am getting a lecture every week about keeping them busy. When I 1:1 with my residents, no one says they are bored. All are thankful for the things I offer and active with them. It's the staff saying the residents are bored and that I need engage them more but I can only spend 20min a week with each one. I just don't know how to reach them to make them understand I am doing all I can. I have tracked my activity by the minute for a week and gave that to my boss, she says it doesn't mean that I am engaging them enough.
I have provided a weekly activity basket at each nurses station for staff to pull out an activity for anyone feeling bored or appearing bored. The same staff who say the residents are bored are the staff who are not engaging with them when I can't. "It's not my job" is what I hear from them. Anyway, I feel better venting and thank you for the confidence to continue. I plan to contact other coordinators in my corporation to see what they do as well and will be implementing these ideas you suggested in next weeks calendar.
Thanks again for taking the time for me, much appreciated!!!
Susan 28th May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Brenda
I just wanted to add something else
It’s called a moving sing-along
Choose songs that residents can move to Or substitute words
For example you could start singing if you’re happy and you know it and go past each room
As you go past ask the resident in the room what he does when he’s happy
Then sing this song with With what he suggested
Ask him to sing with you and sing loud so others can sing along to
Then when you go to the next room say the first person suggested their suggestion and ask for their suggestion then you sing that with this person suggestion again ask him to sing loud and hopefully the first person will sing along to
If you need to know the name of some of these songs let me know
If you don’t feel comfortable singing you can find the song on your phone and play it or alternatively you can make a CD and take it along with you
I like this idea because it puts everyone in a good mood and hopefully they will not say they are bored
Susan 28th May 2020 Activity Director
I have dealt with staff members as you describe
It is a difficult situation maybe your boss can come with you and see what you do hopefully then she will support you
Brenda 28th May 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thanks again Susan! Many great ideas for me to try. I hope things turn around with the pandemic and we can get back to some group things. That would help too.
Susan 29th May 2020 Activity Director
Hopefully the pandemic will subside and things will get back to normal
In the meantime hang in there because you are doing a great job
Often people who criticize your work are those who feel less than confident about themselves
Thanks for sharing
Brenda 2nd Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thank you Susan. I needed to hear that and feel validated. All we can do is our best.

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