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Amanda 3rd Jun 2020 Life Enrichment Director
Hello =) What does everyone use to do in-services or how do you train your staff (like orientation)? I have nothing set... I usually train them myself and show them, but maybe I am doing something wrong. Any help, thoughts, suggestions, insight I will gladly take at this time. I'm about to pull my hair out
Susan 4th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Read this article in the comments this may help you
You may also want to ask this
question At the Golden Carers
Facebook group
And I made up my own training but I don’t have it any longer

In general think about a typical day for the activity assistant
What do you want them to be able to do??
Do you want to make sure they set up the activity before it actually starts and get as many residents as possible to participate
You also want them to clean up after the activity
They need to know about documentation
This article may I help you
This article is mainly aimed at
Activity directors but some of the documentation is done by the activities staff
If you want to share the training you have come up with I am sure it would be helpful to you and others
Let us know how it goes
Jean 4th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator
I was recently given an assistant to train and as well as doing on the job training I used articles that have appeared on this website in relation to topics that may have come up in conversation during the day. Have a look under resources also.
Susan 4th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for that information Jean
It is very helpful

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