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Kathleen 9th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Assistant
Good evening everyone. I am relatively new to this group plus my new role in aged care. I have already taken so many ideas from all of you, just wondering if there are any new ideas for group exercise with our darlings. Noodles, balloons and ball games are already in play, marching and rowing to song, any other ideas please as we love to keep it interesting
Susan 10th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kathleen
There are many exercise groups here from simple to not as simple
Oh I like using props and all so combining exercise with something mentally stimulating such as trivia
Kathleen 10th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you Susan for the link
Susan 11th Jun 2020 Activity Director
You are welcome Kathleen feel free to ask any more questions should you need to

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