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Margo 23rd Jun 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hi Again !

I just posted something a few minutes ago about a group singing activities.What I wanted to say was how can you make this activity which we do a lot in the Residential Nursing Home for dementia a lot much more interesting ?
Susan 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Margo
Thank you so much for being so interested in piquing the dementia residents interest in activities
Jean 6th Jul 2020 Activities Provider
Hi Margo, I have had a lot of success with a sing along that we frequently have. I used the internet to get the lyrics of the residents favourite songs and we sing them supported by Alexa. It is quite a bit of work as you need to ensure that the lyrics you have, correspond with the version of the song on Alexa. I have about 25 songs and it has been worth doing. My residents enjoy it when Alexa 'talks' back to me and tells me she is having trouble understanding me right now etc.

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