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Margo 23rd Jun 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hi Again !

I just posted something a few minutes ago about a group singing activities.What I wanted to say was how can you make this activity which we do a lot in the Residential Nursing Home for dementia a lot much more interesting ?
Susan 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Margo
Thank you so much for being so interested in piquing the dementia residents interest in activities
Jean 6th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi Margo, I have had a lot of success with a sing along that we frequently have. I used the internet to get the lyrics of the residents favourite songs and we sing them supported by Alexa. It is quite a bit of work as you need to ensure that the lyrics you have, correspond with the version of the song on Alexa. I have about 25 songs and it has been worth doing. My residents enjoy it when Alexa 'talks' back to me and tells me she is having trouble understanding me right now etc.
Robyne 24th Aug 2021 DT
I am an activities officer at a facility in QLD. I love teaching our residents a new song. Lately we have not only been learning the beautiful Hawaiian song Pearly Shells but we are learning the Hawaiian dance, hula, sitting down. Its awesome exercise and very beautiful. I found the guide on Youtube.
Susan 24th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean and Robyne
I love music
I’m having a sing-along is a great idea
Depending on how advanced the dementia is will depend on the songs you sing
Those in the early stages can probably learn new songs but those in the mid stage to advanced need to sing the same songs all the time
They like doing that because they probably know the words
It’s them feel good
Thank you again
Jean 29th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
Doing a sing along gives me an opportunity to settle 10 - 15 residents at a time. Not all will sing, some will just settle and stay seated for the hour, others will sit and tap there toes but each and everyone is engaged to some extent. I also ask them to applaud at the end of each song as I think that it help to maintain concentration/focus and some of the residents who are mid to advanced may not sing but join in with the clapping. I do a sing along in the lounge and when the atmosphere is 'unsettled' it is the perfect solution. It is enjoyed by all, the songbook is theirs
Susan 29th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for this information
Music uses many parts of the brain which is one reason it is so good for those with dementia
I agree that most are engaged in someway with music and sing-alongs
You as a leader have to be engaging and enthusiastic and try to include everyone
Max 8th Sep 2021 Owner
Hi Im Andrea,
Could anyone please tell me a site I can print off song lyrics 50-60's era?
Susan 9th Sep 2021 Activity Director

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